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Kailyn Bauman
Pictures she's taken in the past three years.​



Morgan Zahabi
Morgan is a full-time CVCC student who is about to graduate with a degree in General Studies. In her free time, she enjoys creating art and jewelry, loving on her pets, and driving really fast.​

Morgan Zahabi 2.png
Morgan Zahabi 3.png
lavender field.jpg

Tami Karabin
Tami is a tutor in the CVCC Writing Center. She enjoys reading, writing, and other creative pursuits.​

Butterfly and Zinnia.jpg

Jay “Red Owl” Kuhns
Jay is a member of the Mattaponi Indian Tribe. He is a single parent of two children. He toured in a punk rock band, visiting forty-seven states and fourteen countries. He attended Central Virginia Community College for Liberal Arts before transferring to the University of Virginia.



Timothy Gould
Passionate about nature, and the beauty that is in the world. While outside, I like looking around for pictures to capture. I love to think about things in an "out of the box" way, so as to view scenes in a different perspective.

Timothy Gould--A Call To Venture.jpg
Timothy Gould--Untitled.jpg
Timothy Gould--Harmony.jpg
Timothy Gould--Violet Atmosphere.png

Bayli Scott
 A Lynchburg native studying at CVCC to become an English teacher. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, dabbling in film photography, and spending time with her boyfriend, their dog Forrest, and bearded dragon Emmylou Harris.

Bayli Scott--CVCC Fall 2021.jpeg
Bayli Scott--Emmylou Harris Enjoying the Arts.jpeg
Bayli Scott--Virginia Spring.jpeg
Bayli Scott--Untitled.jpeg
Bayli Scott--Marceline, the One-Eyed Cat.jpeg
Bayli Scott--Profile Picture.jpeg

D.J. Kuhns
Former Central Virginia Community College
student currently at University of Virginia.

D.J. Kuhns--Untilted4.JPG
D.J. Kuhns--Untilted3.JPG
D.J. Kuhns--Untilted (2).JPG
D.J. Kuhns--Untilted.JPG

Tami Karabin
A graduate of Lynchburg College and works in CVCC’s Writing Center. She enjoys helping students develop as writers. In her free time, she likes to read, write and craft.

Tami Strout--Untitled 4_edited.jpg
Tami Strout--Untitled 3.jpeg
Tami Strout--Untitled 2.jpeg
Tami Strout--Untitled 1.jpeg
Tami Strout--Untitled 5.jpeg

Courtney Trahant
A dual-enrolled college student attending CVCC on the Bedford campus. I enjoy green tea on snowy days, the mountains, and though I've never tried it, I am a fan of hardcore four-wheeling and dirt-biking. My favorite superhero is Santa.

Courtney Trahant--When Legends Meet.jpg

Jade Gordon
This piece was inspired by the psychedelic shapes and colors of a kaleidoscope. Jade calls it “Star Birth.”

William Lyons
A native of Lynchburg, the artist enjoys landscape painting in oils. A maintenance mechanic by trade, he is pursuing a technical degree in mechatronics at CVCC. 

William Lyons--thumbnail.jpg

Lydia Thane 
A junior at Jefferson Forest High School who is currently enrolled in the Early College Program at CVCC. I'm sixteen years old and enjoy spending time with friends and listening to music. I hope to go into the medical or tech field at a four year university.


Rebecca Burrows
Currently a junior at Jefferson Forest high school as well as a dual enrollment student at Central Virginia Community College and is set to graduate in 2023.

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