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August 6th

By Kiairra Spinner

August 6th is a day important to me

A day about me specifically

A day where I feel loved

A day where the attention year after year is solely on me

A day where all I have to worry about is blowing out all the candles on the cake

A day where all I have to do is unwrap gifts

But, what about August 6th for other people

The day I love so much is also a day where others have died

On the day I praise so much, my country dropped a deadly atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan

On the day I look forward to every year, 70,000 people were killed

On the day so special to me, families were destroyed

On the date I was placed into this world, thousands were taken out

On a date filled with love and happiness, a city was annihilated

August 6th

Kiairra Spinner is an Early College Student attending CVCC. Her base school is Heritage High School. She participates in competition cheerleading and football cheerleading. She also enjoys her job at American Eagle.

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