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Between the Oaks and Pines

By D.J. "Red Owl" Kuhns

Between the Oaks and Pines

Ash from an old pine falls like a giant’s step

For how long you stood I could never say

But I stand in mourning of your living soul

In bountiful shadow steadfast in gaze

Another pine spreads wide

To offer solace in arms of shade

Passed on by another day

Back to earth that birthed you and ruined away

Forever forgotten your petals lay

Passed on to another

Your limbs a fray

For sparrows to graze building nests

For a meaningful life they lively stray

Your abundance in being is now their grace.

You sheltered a screech owl

From drizzles of rain

Woodpeckers feed upon

The worms that lay

In dormancy your memory remains

A remembrance for the gifts you gave

D.J. “Red Owl” Kuhns is a member of the Mattaponi Indian Tribe. He is a single parent of two children. He toured in a punk rock band, visiting forty-seven states and fourteen countries. He attended Central Virginia Community College for Liberal Arts before transferring to the University of Virginia.

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