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Love Blooms

By Madison Witt

Love Blooms

A feeling that shrouds all others alike.

The mention of a name to light a room

Into a spring day where children fly their kites.

Evil withers by its presence and flowers bloom,

Into roses later laid across aisles,

Waiting for the beloved to walk over them.

Others watch on wearing a smile,

Their faces bringing thoughts of sparkling gems.

Perhaps emotions are like seasons,

Changing but coming back all the same.

All understanding that love is the reason,

Making those affected want to change their last name.

Love and spring go hand in hand,

Running in the meadow wearing a wedding band.

Madison Witt is a student at Central Virginia Community College, majoring in Education. She is a full-time student and a teacher at an afterschool program. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing. Madison enjoys the beauty of using art to express emotions.

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