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On The Scene

By Angel Jamerson

On The Scene

An empty stage.

An empty mind.

A full crowd.

The spotlight shines.

On the scene is me.

Nothing more.

As my pale skin shines off the spotlight

Then into the crowd

It made me realized how much

My life has changed and turned around.

A quiet girl is what the scene expected.

That’s all I used to be.

But I said something loud.

The spotlight couldn’t handle it

So, they shut it down.

I walked off stage with

My head held high.

Others might have wanted it taken back

But people have already heard.

I spoke what I spoke.

I said what I meant.

They will always remember the bold words that I said.

Angel Jamerson is a third-year student at CVCC. She plans to graduate with a general studies degree and then look forward to what life has planned for her. Her hobbies include playing guitar, writing, crafting, and taking care of her cats.

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