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The Day I Kill Someone

By Marissa McKemie


I worry for the day I kill someone.

The day I call back a dropped line and reveal someone who was so quiet and afraid.

They day I tell a patient to chew aspirin for their chest pains, missing that they also have a sudden headache.

I fear for the day I kill someone.

The day I fumble with the mayday tone and then the building comes collapsing down.

The day I miss adding to my notes that there is a gun.

I dread the day I kill someone.

It will happen with enough time.

The day I make that fatal mistake,

there will be no words to heal the wrong.

Marissa McKemie, who goes by her middle name Rain, will be graduating from CVCC at the end of this summer semester of 2022. Not a writer by nature, she does enjoy composing the occasional poem. When not attending classes, Rain enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her husband and cat.

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