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When the Sun, and Clouds, And

By Luke Fairchild

When the

Sun, the clouds,


The blue sky

Finally decide to go to sleep,

They are replaced with a pitch-black sky.

Well, until the moon and the stars come out to play.

The moon and the stars fill the darkness with ever glowing

bright white light. They twinkle, shine,

and do everything

in between. Some

stars move thru

The dark sky,

While some stars

Will forever stay

Put. Nonetheless,

Their beauty is

Everything. But nothing

Compares to the prevailing

Moon, whose marvelous beauty and glare

Disturbs the darkness in the sky. Unlike the stars,

Whose brightness has limits, the moon can be seen

Anywhere in the world. Well, that is until the

Moon finally decides that it’s time

For the sun to shine


Luke Fairchild attended Jefferson Forest High School until he was accepted into CVCC through the Early College program. He is 17 years old and is currently in his freshman year of college. After graduating from the Early College program, Luke wishes to go to college to become a doctor.

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